GRAND LEDGE is named for its sandstone and quartzite rock ledges that rise some 60 feet above the Grand River and are used by recreational rock climbers. The city, which lies mostly within Eaton County, has witnessed a great deal of expansion in recent years.

The streets in downtown Grand Ledge are lined with small retail shops, restaurants, bakeries and other service-oriented businesses. The Grand Ledge Opera House, Island Park, Sun Theater, Jaycee Park and the baseball diamond bring visitors into the downtown area year-round. In particular, Grand Ledge is known for its celebrations, including Yankee Doodle Days and Victorian Days, as well as its high-energy St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Christmas Parade.

Joe owns 227 S. BRIDGE STREET, a 10,831 square-foot building that includes two floors and a basement. The building currently houses Roberts Sinto Corporation and Grand Ledge 24/7 Fitness. Previously, the building has been home to a church, a mortgage company and a bank.