Joe Gentilozzi has been in the commercial real estate business for more than 20 years.  His philosophy is that the real estate industry is cyclical … and those who prepare for the ups and downs of the market will succeed and survive. 

An owner of numerous properties and real estate entities, Joe understands and considers all sides of a real estate transaction. He recognizes there is a delicate balance among buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.  

Joe’s approach to any real estate transaction focuses on cooperation and open dialogue. He believes that parties benefit from a well-planned concept that is aimed toward a common objective. 

A licensed broker in Michigan and Florida, Joe has a unique ability to navigate the ebbs and flows of the complicated real estate market. Joe credits his skills to three core “tools”: 

  1. years of hard work and dedication,
  2. practical, hands-on experience, and 
  3. scholarly knowledge (MBA, Finance, Michigan State University, 1995; BS, Business Administration, West Virginia University, 1988). 

Joe proudly began his real estate career in 1991 at a family-owned Lansing firm. He then spent 10 years at CB Richard Ellis, the largest commercial real estate company in the world, where the real estate transactions were both numerous and of significant value.  At CB Richard Ellis, Joe not only gained a tremendous working knowledge of the real estate market, but also an understanding of the complexities that accompany transactions. 

Joe’s unparalleled real estate knowledge and skills are demonstrated by the fact that, unlike other real estate owners and investors, he successfully weathered the country’s recent economic challenges. In fact, Joe is proud to say that his company is more viable now than it ever was.